Arakis, often referred to as the Fallen Kingdom, is a hardscrabble place that provides a critical line of defense against the orcish hordes from the north. While Arakis is a kingdom in its own right, much of its history is tied to the city of Arakis, the most storied place in the Western Realm.

Tucked beneath the great Arakis Mountains at the mouth of the fertile Emerald Valley, the city of Arakis was once considered the most secure fortress in a region marked by perils. However, its past military, economic and diplomatic glories contributed greatly to more recent generations of struggle.

Through patient negotiating by its diplomats and valiant fighting by its soldiers, the kingdom of Arakis secured the area beyond the rivers Brund and Bear's Bane as the front line against the orcish hordes. It did so while keeping pirates and other threats at bay, maintaining trade with the dwarvish communities to the west, and establishing tight bonds with the residents of Black Moss Forest, the largest gnomish settlement in the world.

The security purchased by Arakis' success was put to full use by its southern neighbors. Oksaria focused its attention to nurturing booming trade in the Kish Bay, and the new kingdom of Ord quickly became a military power on its own, carving out huge tracts of fertile land and critical dwarvish trade routes for itself — usually at times when Arakis was preoccupied fighting orcs.

After years of decline, Arakis suffered its single biggest blow to morale 138 years ago, when its king failed to produce an heir and its throne was turned over to a line of lord stewards. Despite the unfortunate circumstances surrounding their ascent to power, the lord stewards are much respected by the people of Arakis and many have suggested making the current leader, Lord Steward Jamis, king. Jamis has never been eager to claim the title, and the move is outright opposed by the kings of Ord and Oksaria.

Arakis' current place among the Three Kingdoms is due largely to its proximity to the orcish hordes, gnomish loyalty to Arakian rule, and the rivalry between Ord and Oksaria. Ord is reluctant to press further into Arakian territory, and Oksaria has provided Arakis with critical financial and military support — in large part to keep Ord in check.


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